Campground is the scrappy little web studio that can.

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, right near the hustle and bustle of Nørreport we develop websites, create custom hosting solutions and much more for a range of epically awesome clients.

Our primary platform is WordPress, and we’ve been developing solutions for WordPress for more than a decade. There is, in our opinion, no better platform for publishing on the web, and whether it’s custom plugins, eCommerce solutions or social media integration, we’ve just about done it all.

But we do so much more. Custom hosting solutions tailored to your needs, infinitely scalable (because, let’s face it, having too little capacity is one of the “good” problems to have) and run on enterprise-grade hardware.

And that’s not to mention our experience creating made-to-order web applications and API services.

Campground is owned and operated by Thomas Mertz, who has been living and breathing the web for a decade and a half. With a background in telecommunications and web-development, Thomas has spent the better part of his life working to make the internet a better and more fun place to hang out.