Bringing membership management into the 21st century

Bastard Café needed a smarter way to manage memberships and table bookings, without being caught in abandonware hell. We created a solution based on Woocommerce.



Bastard Café is Copenhagens foremost board game café, and hundreds of people fill their space in Huset every day. To say that they a packed to capacity on a daily basis is an understatement. 
Combine that with a members club whose membership numbers are in the thousands they were faced with some unique challenges.

As a bootstrapped startup they had had to make do with what they could cobble together as they grew. That sometimes meant quick decisions were being made without making sure that the solution was future proof. Naturally growing pains ensured. 

Campground had originally provided a basic table booking system for the café, but as demand grew the system was facing it’s own growing pains. Combined with a desire to provide value added services to their club members we needed to radically rethink the solutions in place.

Ultimately we settled on off-the-shelf extensions to Woocommerce, as a way to bring all their requirements together; table bookings with discounts for members, more unified membership platform and ticket sales for their unique events.

Woocommerce and licensed extensions solves all of these problems, with the added benefit of being regularly maintained. That’s about as future proof as you can get. And now Bastard Café is poised to expand further into the world of ecommerce.