New corporate website and identity

Reto Moto had never given much attention to their corporate site, rather focusing their ressources on what they do best; creating amazing games for people to enjoy. But eventually it became necessary to focus on their corporate presence.



Challenged with a tight time schedule and limited input Campground put together a proposal that met Reto Moto’s basic needs, and then they wanted to do a complete identity overhaul we brought in Mads Burcharth to create the identity and form a website design around that identity.

The needs were simple; news, careers and the projects they were working on, all with the flexibility needed in modern websites.

We chose to build the site on WordPress for a number of reasons; Reto Moto  was already running an existing WordPress setup, so they were familiar with the platform, and WordPress post type API and expandability made it easy for us to create the required post types, so we could silo the different types of content. 

The result is a modern looking website with a modern engine underneath.