Participation Safety

Johanna needed an updated look and feel for her blog, and wanted a solid foundation on which to grow both her writing and her readership.



Johanna Koljonen is one of the foremost writers and researchers in the field of participation safety. She mainly focuses on this area within the scope of live action roleplaying games, but many of her points and methods are equally valid in other settings. So it was easy for us to get excited about helping her revive her old blog; Participation Safety in LARP.

The blog had been hosted on a subdomain with and Johanna had expressed a desire to give it a more professional appearance. The design was handled by Erica who delivered a clean and minimlist look that would focus on Johannas content.

The result is a clean and modern blog where Johanna can revive her excellent writing and a platform with a solid foundation for her to expand her readership and community.